Office Buildings

Technical specifications

  • Suspended ceiling;
  • Lighting system at 500 lux for offices, toilet area at 150 lux at floor level, circulation areas 300 lux at floor level and stairs 150 lux at floor level ;
    Centralized 4 pipes HVAC system;
    Full 24 hours security will be provided with a swipe card access system to all entrace and tenanted areas;
    CCTV system (exterior perimeter security and reception services);
    Power sockets from boxes at a rate of 1 box for every 10 square meters; each box has 2 power, provision for 2 phone and data points;
    Smoke detection sensors;
    4 X 13 person high speed lifts;
    Floor loading capacities of 3 KN/sq m in office areas;
    Floor loading capacities of 5 KN/sq m in server areas;
    Raised floor with an overall height of 120 mm, and a clear internal space of 80 mm with an overall clear floor to ceiling height of 2.75-2.85 m;
    Office floors are organized on a 7.5 meter square structural grid;
    Parking management system (card system);
    Centralized temperature control: Winter 21 degrees, +/- 1 degree; Summer 23 degrees +/- 1 degree.
    1 ventilated UG level of parking/archives, etc. with sprinkler system;
    Earthquake design according to Romanian STAS;
    2 electricity generators which, in case of interruption of the electricity supply service, can provide electricity to the tenant, within reduced parameters, for maximum 10 calendar days from the interruption of the electricity supply service.